Key features of our company
  • Service is Our #1 Priority
  • Proven Products & Services
  • Industry-wide Solid Reputation
  • Complete Turnkey Solutions
  • Support by Us not some Third Party Vendor or Company

Just a glimpse at what we offer...
  • Auction Software
  • Intel based Networked Computers w/Flat LCD Monitors
  • Office Management Software
  • Accounting Software
  • Ring Entry
  • Scale Interface
  • Pre-weigh
  • Backup Solutions
  • Internet Consulting/Installs
  • Paper Goods

...a one stop shop for the sale barn!
Your Company for Now and the Future!


Dhrystone Computer Systems, Inc.

Your COMPLETE sale barn AUCTION SOFTWARE company!

Providing proven solutions since 1989, Dhrystone has become the standard in the sale barn industry for complete sale barn auction management software utilizing quality computer equipment built by us and supported 100% by us.  Our software is designed to meet the needs of any sale barn large or small with fully customizable installs for the various types of sales and regions of the country.

Solid Products on top of Our Support and Service have distinguished Dhrystone from the other computer companies in the industry. 

Dhrystone's computer systems are at the heart of over 200 separate sales a week - in at least 18 different states -managing well into the millions of dollars.  We continue to take market share from competing companies while maintaining a retention rate of 97% for over the past 10 years.  Our reputation speaks for itself!

Call today for a FREE Onsite Demo.  Yes, we will come to you and demonstrate our software at your location.  We can also provide plenty of referrals for our products.  Don't just take our word for it, contact actual sale barns using our products.

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